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Charging the Electric Vehicle Conversation

The Electric Vehicle Discovery Center (EVDC) Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing electric vehicle (EV) uptake to promote environmental and economic gains. We believe the electric vehicle rEVolution offers something for everyone—although we realize not everyone is ready to make the switch just yet. The more consumers learn about and experience EVs first-hand in a non-sales environment, the more likely they’ll be to consider an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid long-term.

Partners in Clean Power

EVDC Inc. serves as the New England Hub EV accelerator, made possible thanks to the following funding partners, working collectively to ensure a clean transportation future.

The Beginning of the Road

EVDC Inc. was formed through a collaboration with Noble Energy Real Estate Holdings and Plug’n Drive to establish a one-stop education and experiential EV learning facility in Sturbridge, MA. The EVDC will allow consumers to explore and test drive a wide variety of the latest EV makes and models to learn first-hand about charging solutions, plus so much more.

Opening Early 2024

A wide variety of educational zones will take visitors along a journey to EV ownership. Static and interactive displays will engage consumers, educating them each step along the way.

Man Test Driving Electric Vehicle

Test drive zone with a wide variety of the latest makes and models of EVs

EV Charging

Public charging zone for consumers


Meeting and event venue, a multi-modal space for small team meetings to large scale summits

Young Adults Eating Healthy at Restaurant

On-site public restaurant

A Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

The rEVolution offers something for everyone—so our messaging reflects a sense of respect for the environment and for all groups, classes, and cultures of people working to protect it. No one should be left out.


201 Charlton Road
Sturbridge, MA 01566

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