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A Hands-On, No-Pressure Environment Elevates the Electric Vehicle Story

The EVDC will operate as a one-stop shop for consumers to explore and test drive some of the latest EV makes and models to learn first-hand about home and public charging solutions. A wide variety of educational zones will take visitors along a journey to EV ownership. Static and interactive displays will engage consumers, educating them each step along the way.

EVs 101

A basic introduction to the world of electric vehicles


Exercises debunking EV fact from fiction

Environment & EVs

How EVs help impact climate change (and yes, we’ll talk about batteries)

Economics & EVs

The short-term and long-term costs and savings of driving EVs

Electricity & EVs

A closer look at EVs on the power grid

Charging Solutions

Your guide to charging, wherever you may be

Man Test Driving Electric Vehicle

Test drive zone with a wide variety of the latest makes and models of EVs

EV Charging

Public charging zone for consumers


Meeting and event venue, a multi-modal space for small team meetings to large scale summits

Young Adults Eating Healthy at Restaurant

On-site public restaurant


201 Charlton Road
Sturbridge, MA 01566

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