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Accelerating Consumer Acceptance of EVs Starts Here

EVDC Inc. was formed through a collaboration with Noble Energy Real Estate Holdings and Plug’n Drive (plugndrive.ca) to establish a one-stop education and experiential EV learning facility in Sturbridge, MA. The EVDC will allow consumers to explore and test drive a wide variety of the latest EV makes and models to learn first-hand about charging solutions, plus so much more.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Through a combination of static, interactive, and experiential learning, our EV programs will:

Eliminate barriers

Attract and educate potential EV consumers across diverse geographic, demographic, and socioeconomic segments

Draw in corporate and fleet partners

Accelerate conversion to EV sales

To help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, the EVDC offers a new way of socializing EVs to mainstream society, along with new marketing and educational materials aimed at dispelling persistent myths, such as limited range, and high maintenance costs, and false “green” claims.

The success of the EVDC will depend on an innovative partnership model that unites the automotive, charging, government, and electricity sectors with the singular purpose of accelerating EV uptake.

For the first time, consumers will be in a brand agnostic setting with a wide range of makes and models of EVs on site. If they have questions, consumers will have access to a referral system that puts them in direct contact with suppliers of EV products and services.

A Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

The EVDC team champions diversity and inclusion, as reflected in EV awareness initiatives and EV adoption patterns. We will partner with various empowerment and advocacy community organizations to ensure that communities who have been historically underserved by clean transportation innovations and overburdened by air pollution from the current transportation system will not be excluded from the rEVolution due to disproportionate access to resources or lack of marketing reach. Vehicle performance, lower fueling costs, cleaner air and health benefits are all factors that may be of particular concern to these communities and will be addressed in our updated marketing approach and positioning.

The rEVolution offers something for everyone—so our messaging reflects a sense of respect for the environment and for all groups, classes, and cultures of people working to protect it. No one should be left out.


201 Charlton Road
Sturbridge, MA 01566

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